Open Innovation Projects

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Our goal is to build a community based directory of open source innovation projects beyond the software industry.


Open Innovation Projects has been created to connect projects developing physical products under the paradigm of open source innovation. The term "Open Source" originates from the software industry and denotes the revelation of the source code. However we focus explicitly on projects outside the software industry. Compared to open source software they face additional challenges and seem to be less connected so far.

Our first goal is to collect a list of projects in order to simplify information exchange between projects. Highly welcome are all projects showing some sort of free revealing of information to a community with the goal of collaboratively inventing physical products.

What does this mean in simple words? We want to create a directory of projects including open hardware, open design (meaning open product design, not to confuse with web design), open mechanical engineering, open devices, and other community projects, developing products from free beer to open mobile phones, open cars, and so on.