An Open Cafe is an example of an Open Service Model. For a Cafe startup, a wiki page is created for a Cafe location. Interested participants in the local community can offer to supply what others or themselves might like to see or experience in the Cafe. Go to the Open Cafe Global Network for details. Here is some of what's involved:

  • The Wish List wiki shows interest in what items you would like to see in the Cafe.
  • An Event Calendar wiki lists operation/activity hours, including location.
  • A Menu Calendar wiki shows what food and drink will be available.
  • If chores are required, a Chore List wiki is created. Those who participate in completing tasks are recognized in this way.
  • Movie nights posted on the Event Calendar can act as fundraisers to cover costs of proprietary agency dependence, like electric bills. Funds can also go to make solar panels or other self-sustainable infrastructures outside proprietary agency.
  • Greg's list can offer free marketing of the open enterprise. Free is usually attractive. Free culture is the result!
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