This is an experimental project to develop a way that Community Asset Mapping might be developed with a digital generation.

Participatory Asset mapping would look at an area and then people that do the mapping would make a list about that area as to what is there and what is not there that they would like to see. This allows those that take part in making the map to shape the future of that area. It can include buildings, green spaces, houses. It can also focus on service provision such as health care, youth services, arts and cultural spaces or anything else. If it is done well it shows what is there now that is good and what the mappers would like to see come in the future. If this involves decision makers and those with resources (money, time, skills to make it happen) then in the future these things can come from the mapping.

Chiang Mai Online Community Asset Map Project[edit | edit source]

Here is an idea that is being developed by some people in the Chiang Mai area of Thailand. The idea came from Markus Petz's research project there on Natural Resource Management. It is working with Hmong people first and so has an indigenous perspective.

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