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Hi! LucasG (talk) or @lucasgonzalez or @ImaCan here.


I want to:

  • grow one potato in my balcony,
  • cook it with solar energy on June 21st, and
  • tell the internets (with solar energy if I can).

Plant growth uses solar, so that's three solar energies rolled into one project.

Your situation may vary:

  • If you're late to the project, you can buy a potato and do the other 2 things in the list. I won't tell anyone!
  • I'm still trying to find a foolproof way to cook a potato, so that anyone will be able to join in. Of course, people who want to do it faster etc can do the harder stuff. It's your potato.
  • "Tell the internets" may be as easy as "take a picture and email a few friends", or "gather a huge party and do videostreaming having a conversation with the International Space Station and of course using solar energy to power your laptop". I said "one", not "small".


  • (Weeks Monday to Sunday.)
  • MAY
  • 24, 25: built, will test fc6 (aka gfc)
  • 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 1: will test fc2 for different things + go visit friends to see if we can have "solar video-streaming"
  • JUNE
  • 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: more tests? look at how potatoes are growing?
  • 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15: ah, well, this will be about checking weather forecasts and telling everyone and their cats about it! Speakers for the party? We can dream!
  • 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21: Da Party!!!


It's #OneHotPotato because (add your own reasons to the end of the list):

  • I wanted to do the smallest possible thing, so it's one. Potatos are easy to find, generally. "One" carries half of the excuses of "two". So I gathered all my courage and planted the darn thing. There, done, phew!
  • It had to be hot, as in appealing. Also, "hot potato" is an expression (both in Spanish and English) about responsibility. And I want to do whatever it is in my power, and talk about that, not about what I cannot do.
  • The potato suggested itself because I live in the Canary Islands, where it's part of typical dishes. Yeah, in many other places too. Variety of cooking styles? I want to try papas arrugadas. Doesn't need much water and tolerates the sun.
  • I was (and am) a bit fed up with people talking about fracking oil in the Canaries, with incumbents in favour and greens in opposition, but everyone sucked into the same subject, when in fact I'd like to have conversations about solar. How useful is it, who knows the science, who has the technology, what are the economics, what can each interested person do, who can I ask for help or join for a project?
  • (Found out once the project started) it's a good conversation starter. In fact, people have given me ideas (of the "you go do them" kind, but it's a start), seeds, advice on watering, a discarded parabolic antena, and general encouragement ("new picture today?"). Just because I take pictures of the plants every day, and show them if there's something particularly exciting or troubling. I found other people were keeping their plants and nobody knew!
  • I've found it's quite hard to stop at one potato. I've been given other seeds, so why not try. I keep reminding myself: one is what I'm sticking to. But whatever will be, will be.


At it. Feel free to add to this page!



Current status: using thick paper (280 grams per square meter, maybe 3 times as thick as ordinary printer or photocopy paper) is inexpensive, but it's not stiff enough for a big model like the fc6. (The fc2 is ok, tho'.) So I'll try cardboard, and if it's too stiff then I'll add some sticks to keep the sides appart, and it'll be a funnel-oid, not a funnel.

Another idea is to hold the halves of the long side together using, not tape which can't easily be undone, but rather a zip, velcro, or even buttons. All of this needs pictures, I know.

What else? Ah, yes: the whole cone should half-fit inside a box, to keep it pointing to the skies. And a hammock for the "black pot plus plastic bag" element.



TO DO[edit]

Delete when done, or add your name if you like:

  • Gather links about solar cookers, specially simple ones.
  • Add "category" to this page.
  • Tell others: twitter ...
  • What else?


  • ...