Student Sustainability Initiative Grant Recipient Project Update: Oregon State University Solar Vehicle Team Due 4/1/10

  1. Overall Project Timeline
  2. Milestones Achieved and Milestones Remaining (and target dates)
    1. Milestones Achieved i. Completed frame construction
      1. Completed bottom half of body in carbon fiber
      2. Made mold for top half of body
      3. Completed preliminary designs for electrical system

v. Purchased all major components for vehicle

vi. Soldered most solar arrays together

vii. Assembled main computer of solar car

b. Milestones Remaining i. Construction of top half of body and wheel wells out of carbon fiber (4/9/10 and 4/ 10/10) ii. Combining all parts of body and attaching to frame (4/12/10 to 4/20/10) iii. Machining suspension components (3/31/10 to 4/14/10) iv. Constructing battery pack (4/10/10 to 4/30/10) v. Constructing electrical system (4/14/10 to 5/14/10) vi. Finish soldering solar arrays (3/31/10 to 4/14/10) vii. Laminate Solar arrays and attach to body (4/5/10 to 5/7/10) 3. List of items on which money has been spent so far a. Batteries b. Fiberglass fabric for body c. Epoxy resin for body d. Accessories for body construction e. Monitor/case for on-board computer f. Race fees 4. Total amount of money spent a. $18048.40 in 2009-2010 b. $8701.53 in 2008-2009

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