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OSU Permaculture Alliance Grant Update:

The Permaculture Alliance is proud to report that we have achieved all of our goals to date. We have hosted two workshops (one offering an introduction to permaculture, another focusing on site analysis) to educate our members and the larger community about practices in permaculture. We have hosted an action day that laid sheet mulching and compost in the front garden to prepare for the beds we plan on planting in the spring. Our work advocating that OSU offer a credited course in Permaculture has been fruitful. We have just received notice that the course will be offer Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-9:50 with a lab on Thursdays at 10 am (spread the good word!!!:) Our goal of producing research on the state of the site before our alteration has also been going well. We have completed a vegetation survey and have done our first round of soil biology testing. This research will be compiled into presentations in the spring. Our weekly meetings have become exciting as our growing group of dedicated members offer more and more information and inspiration to the visioning of our broad-scale design.

Upcoming goals, benchmarks and dates:

  • Monday Feb 16th: Soil Biology talk by Matt Slaughter of Soil Food Web Inc.
  • First Week of March: Permaculture Design Principles Workshop by Andrew Millison
  • March: Permaculture Fieldtrip! We are looking into already established permaculture sites in Oregon to organize a trip to.
  • Late March/Early April: Presentation of the club's broad-scale design (to be presented and critiqued by the class that will be offered Spring term.
  • May/June: Community Tree Planting event!

OSU Permaculture Alliance Grant Update (5/1):

The Permaculture Club has made many strides and bounds this year. With our broad scale design in place we completed the pathways around our vegetable bed (Zone 1). After carving the pathways clover seeds were spread and then covered with bark chips. In time the clover will sprout and add life to work area.

A swale will be dug by the class and club and will provide a water feature that can direct the flow of winter rains. The club is in the process of constructing a small water catchment tank that will store water for drier days.

Concrete rubble is being collected for the retaining wall that will be built in the front. The club has located several sources and is acting on each to collect the needed amount.

We have contacted nurseries in the Corvallis area for veggies, berries, and trees. The nursery catalog will offer a supply list of all available plants that students can use to build a guild in the club.

Officer elections are being held on May 18th and a community festivity/tree planting is planned for May 30th.

Plenty of activities are falling into place and creating the overall picture of the garden. The elections will bring new life and ideas to the club as we continue into its second year of growth.

Thank you,


Budget Review:

Soil Testing by Soil Food Web Inc. $500
Books $300
Seed Ball Supplies $28
Food Supplies for December work party $70
Workshop Speakers:
Andrew Millison (three talks) $350
Matthew Slaughter $100
Jude Hobbs $100
Actual Plant List Cost $400
Two Field Trips $300
Total $2,148
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