SSI Project Update

April 2, 2010

Project: Hydrogen Trailer

  1. Your overall project timeline
  • April 7-9: Fuel cell scheduled to arrive
  • April 15: Finalize price quotes on remaining major components (Storage tanks, electrolyzer, and trailer)
  • April 20: Purchase hydrogen storage tanks
  • May 15: Purchase valves, tubing, and fittings
  • May 30: Start assembly of components
  1. Any milestones achieved and milestones remaining (including target dates)
  • February 17: We had a video conference with the VP of Engineering and CEO of Asemblon, which is a hydrogen storage start-up company about possibly implementing their unique "liquid" hydrogen storage system. Their system is still under development and we are incorporating design considerations into the Hydrogen Trailer so that we will be able to use their storage system when it becomes available. The outcome of the meeting was very productive and we are excited about working with them in the future to demonstrate their novel product.
  • March 8: The Stewart Island Project offered to donate a used Reli-on 1.2 KW fuel cell. We are currently in the process of arranging shipping. March 30: Skip Rochefort has generously offered the use of a hydrogen generator. We are in the process of testing it and determining the necessary valves and fittings that are needed to connect it to the storage tanks. We have also located several deep cell batteries through OSU recycling.
  1. A list of items on which money has been spent so far Trailer $520
  2. The total amount of money spent $520
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