• First written update

(due week of 2/9 – 2/13) Should include milestones achieved, milestones remaining (+ target dates), list of items on which money has been spent so far, and total amount of money spent. Probably less than a page.

SSI Grant Update February 9th, 2009

Current Progress

  1. We have secured the space in which we plan to hold the cooking classes. We will hold the classes at the SLI Kitchen in Snell Hall.
  2. We have confirmed our first chef for the first cooking class—James Cassidy, Organic Growers Club Faculty Advisor. He is planning on doing something college student friendly with an organic/local twist.
  3. First class is set for March 3rd, 2009 at 6:00pm
  4. We have decided to cap the enrollment of students at 20, they will RSVP to osufoodgroup@oregonstate.edu
  5. We have outlined potential themes for the classes including

Nutrition on a Budget: how college students can eat healthy at a low cost Sustainable Protein Sources: protein alternatives to meat Gourmet College: classic college dishes made into real meals (pizza etc.) with sustainable flare Soups and Chili: quick and tasty how-to's.

In Progress

  1. We have yet to purchase the food for the classes. We are currently discussing with the first chef regarding his menu and organic and local sources for the food.
  2. In the process of identifying dates for the two classes to be held next term. We will reserve dates for these classes as soon as we have determined them.
  3. We are looking for two more guest chefs and have a few individuals in mind including Intaba from Fireworks and a chef from Nearly Normal's.

Budget Update

Money spent: $0.00 Money left: $600.00

Proposed cost breakdown: Food (per class): $100 Space rental (per class): $54-90 Advertising (per class): $40

							 Total: $582-$690
  • In-person update

(week of 3/30-4/3, Week 1 Spring term) We can work out a schedule when this gets closer, but expect to present basically the same info as for the written update and answer questions.

  • Second written update

(due week of 4/27 – 5/1, Week 4 Spring term) Same information as first written update.

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