OSSTIP/visualise OD matrix in QGIS

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Some useful references:

N.B. :- This all reminds me of that US project to look into high-performance open source GIS analysis that started a while back in the US ... should look that up.

Also, "introduction to geoprocessing with Python and Open Source GIS":- http://www.gis.usu.edu/~chrisg/python/2009/


Looks like first I'll have to install [ GDAL] on the Mac. See http://tumblr.pauladamsmith.com/post/17663153373/howtoinstallgdalshapely .

Those seem out of date though, as the kyngchaos GDAL Mac framework does include the Python bindings, thought they can be installed separately from http://pypi.python.org/pypi/GDAL/.