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Motivation Clip-On Tricycle Attachment

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Health Topic Physical disabilities
Classification Treatment
Scope Commercialized
Location Africa, Asia

Problem being addressed[edit]

Many standard wheelchairs are not suitable for long distance travel over rough terrain, and those that can withstand prolonged use in these environments are often prohibitively expensive.

Detailed description of the solution[edit]

This device is designed to easily attach to the Motivation Rough Terrain Wheelchair. It converts the wheelchair into a hand-powered tricycle. It involves one 20-inch wheel in the front and both running breaks and parking breaks for safety.

Relevance to developing country settings[edit]

This device was designed for developing world settings. It increases independence and mobility of the physically disabled and allows for easier travel over uneven terrain. It has been clinically tested and produced in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. It is also taught at the Wheelchair Technologists Training Course at TATCOT in Tanzania, graduates of which have gone on to manufacture in nine African countries.


  • Manufacturer: Motivation UK
  • Manufacturer location: Backwell, Bristol BS48 4AQ, United Kingdom

Funding Source[edit]

Motivation is supported by charitable donations and fundraising. It is also supported through corporate partnerships.


Internally generated reports[edit]

Motivation. (2011, June 17). Link available here.