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  • Motivation is an international disability and development charity working in low-income countries to enhance the quality of life of people with mobility disabilities. Motivation headquarters are in the UK and there are offices in South Africa, Australia and Sri Lanka. Our programmes aim to improve opportunities by positively impacting on disabled people's physical, social and economic situation to enable their full participation in society. Our activities include the design and provision of low-cost mobility products (wheelchairs, tricycles, supportive seating), capacity building and training with disabled people's organisations and rehabilitation institutions, rights based initiatives, employment programmes and community based peer group training.

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The people we work with often find themselves caught in a vicious cycle of poverty and disability. The majority of disabled people live in isolated rural areas by subsistence, so access to medical and rehabilitation services is virtually nonexistent and money to pay even scarcer. The situation is so grave that most people who sustain a spinal cord injury in the low-income countries die within two years, compared to normal life expectancy in industrialised countries. Motivation works to address issues relating to the social, economic and physical situation of disabled people with the ultimate aim to improve quality of life. We believe that lasting solutions to poverty and suffering can only be achieved if disabled people are empowered to take part in society.