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Mongolian Tribal Diaspora

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Mongolian Journalist's photo on the year span of a single family.

The Mongolian Tribal Diaspora is the mass migration and assimilation of the Mongolian nomad, and ancient tradition that dates back to before there were set countries. In recent years, the country of Mongolia has seen an increasing sense of civil freedoms due to the changing of a communist state to a democratic state. Also, mainly in the past 20 years, Mongolia has seen a boom in new forms of technologies that allow them to receive media with ease. Both these factors have introduced globalization to Mongolia; particularly Western media. This globalization has had a massive influence on the nomadic population in Mongolia, with many tribal youths moving to the city to pursue careers and a different way of life. This is largely detrimental to the nomadic tradition because there are less and less youth learning about the rituals and processes of their ancestors. Another factor that is harming the nomadic culture is climate change and pollution, in which many families are forced to move to the cities to find work.

Changing Ideals[edit]

Recently within the nomadic youth, the influence of the west has gained much attention. In multiple interviews carried out by international journalists many youth reported stating that nomadic life was "boring" and that they desired to migrate to cities for education as well as a new experience. Many of the nomadic parents are all for this pursuit; however synonymously are against it as well. Youth becoming educated in the cities means that potential jobs could offer the nomads support, however there are less and less youth staying around on the steppe. These changing ideals have made it much more difficult for the nomads to continue their way of life.


Another prominent reason why the nomads are slowly moving away from the steppe is due to pollution and climate change. Global warming has caused many drastic winters that have caused exponential deaths to nomad livestock. With the rise of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere comes the changing of climate that has drastically influenced the environment of the steppe which causes harm to nomadic families. In response to this element, families are forced to move towards the city in order to find work to feed their families.


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