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Internet, the most used thing in the 21st century. Since we are living in the information age we tend to use the internet to obtain the desired information. From shopping to sharing memories through social media. However, just like all of the things, it gets to used wrongfully and often times abused. There are times that people use the internet to open the black market. Through this their transactions are kept secret or let's say, away from the fire. Another form of abuse is the cyber bullying. This is commonly used by ordinary millenials nowadays, since usually the control is not within the reach of their parents. These abuses can lead to the destruction of a person's life in the virtual world and in real life. But there are ways in avoiding these type of situations. It is through education during in the early stages of life.

Supervision and monitoring, through this the students will get to be aware of what they are going to search and the the things that they are searching. The type and level of monitoring is somewhat depending on the circumstances of the school. This can lower the level of misuse in schools.

Education, in order for the students to really remember the do's and the dont's in using the internet. The level of education must be suitable to the age and understanding of the students. In this the current issues must be addressed in order for them to be aware of they are about to encounter or they're encountering.

The problem is many people misuse and abuse the use if internet. It pretty easy for those hackers or even ordinary people to do malicious things online. Things that they do is unethical and abusive is not tolerated, thanks to the cyber-crime protection units that punishes those violates those code of ethics that were implied.

There are some proper etiquette for the users to follow. Examples are to teach children and other folks about proper social media etiquette; never start a flame war online, that will only lead you to an unlikely situation; consider one's privacy, always ask permission if you want to send or share pictures or information of a certain person; and importantly think before you click, always think twice before you hit that send or share button, you might not know that if you hit that send or share button it is going to destroy that person's life.

According to Ankita Pathak in the top 10 dangerous ways that the internet is misused, the tenth is e-mail spamming, follows the well of negativity, then pranks, time wastage, hacking, fake advertisements, the ever famous cyber bullying, piracy, identity theft, and the number one misusage is porn.

Undoubtedly porn is one of the most popular misuse of internet. The internet allows the people have easy access to pornographic sites. Even minors can easily access these sites. According to (Livingston & Byrne, 2015), 1 in 3 internet users are children. When minors are exposed to pornography, we all know that it has a negative effect on the kid. The top two in misuse of internet is identity theft. It is commonly used since we people nowadays are putting data or personal information in the internet for important purposes. No matter how hard you try in keeping your personal data safe, you are not safe from the prying eyes of identity thieves. As long as you have data online, hackers will still have ways in stealing your information. Also that recovery takes time. It will take you time to recover your stolen data. These thieves can get your information through the free public wifi that you are using. So, you better be cautious when you try to connect.

Next is piracy, lots of movies, music, and other pay to access things online are being pirated every day. Little we know that these companies are losing millions every time we click that free download button. Aside from it does not help the economy, it also is like a way of disrespect to the author. Imagine days or even years of hard work, then we are just accessing it for free. The author or the creator also has the right to be supported and loved. So it is really unethical to just illegally download stuff for free.

Next issue is cyber bullying. Cyber bullying, it is a common misuse of internet for the young people nowadays. They often do this for fun, since they can make dummy accounts. 81% of them do it online because it is easier for them to get away with it than in real life or personally, which makes or it gives them that courage to do such terrible act. Over 80% of the teens use their cellular phones to attack their victims online. Victims are most likely to commit suicide since the humiliation is in public and it cannot be erased that easily. Once it goes viral or trending, it is too late for the victim to stop the spreading of such humiliation. It is truly a gruesome act of lasciviousness.

To wrap things up, the internet truly is a gift for us humans. It makes things a lot easier. From shopping, to entertainment, or even to connecting distant loved ones. The misuse of the internet, especially social media is a really major pain in the ass nowadays. Because also of the internet the people nowadays are becoming harder to trust. It is because of what they're doing. Even I have to admit that I do commit some mistakes online and I also am was a victim of cyber bullying. What did I, do? I did not fight back. Its because I know that it will only start a flame war. What I did instead, is I dealt with the matter personally. I faced the root of my problem personally and we talked about the issue, surprisingly he asked for repentance which I gave to the person who cyber bullied me. As you can see that starting a flame war will not solve the problem but it will worsen it. Learn on how to keep your silence or deal with the matter personally, not online.

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