The Media Squat talk radio show hosted by Douglas Rushkoff and co-hosted by Janine Saunders on WFMU is "freeform, bottom-up, open source radio looking towards similarly open source, bottom-up solutions to some of the problems engendered by our relentlessly top-down society." [1] Each week Douglas Rushkoff interviews an array of featured guest who tend to be authors, creators, inventors, scientist, journalist, and media-viralist. Janine Saunders host Real People Doing Real Things which highlights extraordinary people making a difference for the environment and society. Both conversations are intended to initiate a series of discussions, which will themselves comprise part of an expanding wiki of resources, support material, and community-generated content.

The Media Squat is an open source radio show that supports participation from the community at large. You are free to become a co-producer by submitting produced segments/pieces, emailing with ideas or suggestions for guest, or create your own monthly segment. It is a radio show to give light to voices that our otherwise not heard by the mainstream media.

Past guest have included: R.U Sirius, Harvey Pekar, Steven Johnson, The Yes Men, Reverend Billy, Lonny Grafman from Appropedia, and an array of other talented and productive people.

The Media Squat's website

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