Material life-cycle

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A material's life-cycle is a loop consisting of 3 states of use that a material exists in.

  • Potentiality
  • Functionality
  • Futility


The state in which a material has a function slated for future use (i.e. cake mix)


The state in which a material has a function currently in use (i.e. a backpack )


The state in which a material has no function prescribed to it (i.e. soggy bread)

It is important to note that any material can change state, with little to no change in it's appearance or configuration, but simply though another interactions with it. All materials used as examples above can easily be attributed to different states, considering the circumstance (i.e. a backpack is in a state of functionality when being used to carry things, but is in a state of potentiality when hung from the back of a chair, and is in a state of futility when left beneath a pile of clothing).

This concept of shifting between states was developed in contrast to

was developed (in collaboration between Joe Ahearn and Rachel Wheeler) in opposition to the standard progression model of think