I will accord with: The Core Peer 2 Peer Collaboration Principles, principles for ethical educational research and the Internet Research Ethics.

Specifically this means:

  • My work is done for the needs and interests of both those who benefit directly from the applied development and those applying the development – for in some ways we are the same.
  • I will try and meet the needs of what my chosen communities want, and take them at their word.
  • I shall not offer prescriptive nor proscriptive – this is the answer type responses - and not, for example, guess that if they knew more about the world they'd want something different. Notwithstanding this I will express my truthful opinion if asked for it or when giving final recommendations if at an appropriate place in the research, publication, practice circle.
  • I am not to decide whether a community's interests are good or right; it's only my job to work in service of those communities.
  • I will represent my work in ways that support ethical decisions by policymakers, external stakeholders and those who participate in my research. Further to this I will outline the risks / benefits as far as I am aware to participants, stakeholders and funders at regular and appropriate times before, during and after the research.
  • All applied development research is social activism, and as such a researcher I am a social activist. There is no such thing as politically neutral applied development research. Thus I will endeavor to make my belief system clear, to myself , the communities, individuals and stakeholders I will work with.
  • I will refrain from research or procedures that the community does not want and likewise with any individual. I will allow them to withdraw their cooperation or consent at any stage of the research. This means they must have given their consent to withdraw it, where possible I will try to obtain explicit consent before engaging with individuals, where implicit consent is given I will make it clear that, the research is only valid after explicit consent is given and a priori research has not been consented to and will be discarded.
  • I will make my research aims, procedures and interactions with others transparent, open and useful as far as I can respecting confidentiality and protecting vulnerable people or groups of people who I may interact with. I will inform appropriately to do this.
  • I will conduct research and methods in cognisance of ecological, socio-cultural and economic sustainabilities. My aim will be that the products of research are distributed with justice.
  • I shall research with an awareness of the distinction between private and public and not regard the private as automatically public. So for example taking photos in a public place does not make those photos public just because they are not legally controlled. The same principle applies to methods, patentable products or procedures I may encounter in my research.
  • So far these principles refer to a me / I relationship. However in a P2P situation a we/our aspect comes into play. I recognize that we are an emergent property in integrating in a collective research practice and my actions and non-actions shape that dynamically. So I will research with this in mind.
  • I recognize that my research creates a for use value that is a commons that will benefit the group; rather than a for exchange value for the individual and will research in that way. We will make the for use value available to users and stakeholders.
  • There is no expected nor given reciprocity with specific individuals for taking part in the research. So no paying people to give voluntary participation and no expectation on my part that others will reward me for doing the research. Appropriate (in respect to all the other parts of the manifesto) gifts or compensation for loss will be acceptable in my research.
  • I will try to work in a flat, non-heirachical way that empowers others as I am empowered. I will avoid vexatious bureaucracy where I can legally do so.
  • I am conscious of the peer circle that is created by my and other interactions in research or possible research investigations and shall seek to foster that as a wholesome peer circle through time and place. The research will try to create a free culture of peers rather than a permission culture of individualists.
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