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Introduction to Mana Mushrooms[edit | edit source]

Mana Mushrooms transforms waste streams and byproducts into our competitive advantages to cultivate exotic mushrooms and value-added byproducts and services. By being environmentally conscious, making efforts to reduce negative impact & increase resource efficiency, we will be net positive contributors to communities in which we operate. Our model is scalable and can be implemented with success at the community and industrial levels. We will manifest opportunities where "problems" exist. We will strike a balance between sustainability and unrealistic standards that impede progress. Once we have achieved our goal to provide the best product or service in a given space, we will endeavor to change standards of how business is done in that space towards renewable, non-linear systems.

Competitive Advantage by Eliminating Waste[edit | edit source]

Our competitive advantages are married with reduction of environmental impacts and even environmental restoration. 'Wastes' are translated into revenue streams.

For example, we begin with waste wood and generate mushrooms that are available for sale to a global market. We then take the "waste" substrate (what is left after the mushrooms have grown on the wood) and use it as an additive for cattle feed (total mix ration) / vermicompost: two more revenue streams.

Incorporating mushroom compost into cattle feed reduces relative greenhouse gas emissions by allowing the mushrooms to ease the burden on the ruminant animals' digestive system, breaking the cellulose in what is typically a feed additive. Many brewers and farmers who have developed relationships are surprised to learn that feeding cattle spent grain without the intermediary process of allowing mushrooms to break it down miss out on a higher protein, nutrient enriched food source.

This concept of cascading waste streams and clustering industry (industrial symbiosis) to exploit inefficiencies in current methodologies for competitive advantage is integral to our model.

We believe it is important to be transparent and share our methodologies because resource efficiency ought not be optional.

Porting pages[edit | edit source]

Mana Mushrooms has kindly offered their pages and ongoing mushroom research to be ported to Appropedia.

Please keep a clearly marked feedback link to Mana Mushrooms in anything you port from their pages using http://manamushrooms.com/contact.

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