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"The eco-venture odyssey has begun... and her name is Mama Roja."

About[edit | edit source]

Mama Roja was created in 2008 as a sustainable living center started by founders Kimberly Gossett and Marcelo Buttice. The center is located in the sub-tropical jungle of Campo Ramon, Misiones, Argentina[1]. The goal of Mama Roja is to promote eco-friendly living and sustainability within the ‎80 acres of tropical rain forests.[2] They offer courses in sustainable living and provide internships that allow students to work at Mama Roja. Their goal is to promote the positive interaction between man and nature, leaving little impact on the environment.

Internship[edit | edit source]

At Mama Roja they provide internships to students to teach them about ways to promote eco-friendly living and sustainable technologies. These internships at minimum last a month but priority is given to students who stay the whole term. This hands-on experience provides that the internships will focus on the various aspects of sustainable living: organic gardening, appropriate technologies, natural food production, earthen and natural building.

Fig 1: Interns transplanting peppers under the papayas

Course Details

Interns at Mama Roja should expect work five days a week, their is a variety of work that may be done. In the past Mama Roja has had interns work on projects involving painting, gardening, cooking, plant-picking,farming, dirt finding, and building[3] . The rural area of Mama Roja has much to offer, with waterfalls and tons of mud to make a mess in, interns get a chance to explore as well. The length and intensity of the stay will leave you with an abundance of knowledge from experience and hands on working. In order to be accepted into the internship Mama Roja has interns fill out a questionnaire and can help out if an interested intern has special financial needs or if you're from a developing country.

Yoga Retreat[edit | edit source]

Cosmic Cottage at Mama Roja

Mama Roja is known for its yoga retreat featuring organic meals, accommodation, and of course yoga taught by instructors Kim Gossett and Ashley Cooper[4] . It's 1000 Argentine Pesos($228 US) for the course and 200 Pesos($45 US) for a cabin to sleep in. Usually visitors will volunteer after their yoga course and will work at Mama Roja, along with exploring the land.

How is Mama Roja Sustainable?[edit | edit source]

Without disturbing the peace of their neighbor bug friends and other animals that may roam to their area, Mama Roja strives to be sustainable. When it comes to building they build by hand and feet, using leftover resources like fallen trees in the forest for wood, on site found mud and other resources rescued for use. When it comes to gardening they amend the soil, plant, transplant, preserve seeds and use natural pesticides. They have a bike powered washing machine on-site for clothes and teach the ways of alternative refrigeration, reforestation, chicken care, and herbal medicine making[5]. Beeswax candles and fresh mulberries found and turned into pie can make for a great evening at Mama Roja. Working with the earth and not against it, Mama Roja has built a community for people afar or near to enjoy and invest in as well.

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