Presentation Tips[edit | edit source]

Overall Impression[edit | edit source]

  1. Dress for success
  2. Practice talk 7X or as needed (no uhms, ahhs, etc.)
  3. No note cards or notes
  4. Never point out your own ignorance
  5. Never slam yourself unless it is funny (really funny)
  6. Never apologize for being boring (corollary: Do not be boring)
  7. Never say anything wrong
  8. Make eye contact, be confident
  9. Choose something you are interested in and excited about
  10. Sell the idea/concept/product - be convincing

Presentation[edit | edit source]

  1. Stick to time limit
  2. Make your slides readable -- all of them and all text on them
  3. Do NOT make slide transitions the highlight of your talk
  4. Minimize all text slides
  5. Limit visual distractions (a few are ok)
  6. Annotate or put refs on slide page
  7. Fully read background on your topic
  8. Provide sufficient evidence for all claims
  9. Do not speculate
  10. Make sure you understand the science before you stand up
  11. Only cite primary sources -- wikipedia is a good tool but always a secondary source
  12. This is not a history class - do not spend too much time on it
  13. Make your own equations so that variables are consistent
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