Lychees (Litchi chinensis) are a small, round fruit that are the sole member of the genus Litchi in the soapberry family, Sapindaceae.[1]

The lychee has a red skin which has a leather-like texture. The fruit is the white flesh under the skin. There is a large, glossy seed in the middle which is inedible.

Growing a lychee tree[edit | edit source]

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Uses for lychees[edit | edit source]

Lychees make good eating as they are, when eaten fresh. They are often added to fruit salads, Asian desserts and sometimes as a cake topping. They can also be included in savoury salads. Drinks can be made using lychees as well.

To prepare for eating, remove the skin by running a knife around its centre and let the two halves of the skin fall apart. Take the seed out. The seed is glossy but inedible, so do not consume the seed.

Selecting lychees for home eating[edit | edit source]

Choose lychees that are ripe. Green lychees do not ripen after picking. Other things to check for include firmness and no decay around the stem or on the outside of the fruit.

Storing lychees[edit | edit source]

Place lychees into a cool place to store, preferably a refrigerator or cellar. They deteriorate quickly, so the sooner they are consumed or used, the better.

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