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Low bandwidth internet browsing is important for locations where the internet is extremely slow, such as remote or less developed communities. Techniques include:

  • Turn off "load images automatically" in your browser settings. Images only load if you right-click and select them. This is a challenge when there are important buttons (such as when you click edit on this wiki page - the function is still there, but you need to look for the text that shows instead of the button (and it may be completely invisible on poorly designed sites).
  • Use LoBand
  • Use a browser which compresses data, reducing bandwidth used - e.g. Opera.
  • Use a faster browser. Modern browsers such as Firefox 4, Chrome and Chromium are much faster than older browsers.
  • Use a terminal-based browser in Linux, such as Lynx. This is for hardcore tech users - not very usable for new users.

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