Lobelia (Lobelia erinus) is a perennial flowering plant. It is often grown as an annual in garden beds or containers. It's an easy-care flowering plant that works well for low-maintenance container, border/edge and garden bed locations.

Lobelia has a compact variety and a trailing variety. The trailing varieties have large amounts of flowers and spreads. The compact variety grows up to around 15cm (6 inches) in height and has wide flowers growing on each stem.

Flower colours of lobelia are usually purple, blue, white and deep red.

Growing lobelia[edit | edit source]

In the garden[edit | edit source]

Plant when there is no further likelihood of frost.

Choose an area in full sun for the best results. If the weather is hot, the plant will appreciate semi-shade.

The soil needs to be rich, moist and easily drained.

When planting lobelia plants together, space them about 10 to 15cm (4 to 6 inches) apart.

In a container[edit | edit source]

Choose a container. This plant will grow in a variety of containers, including terracotta pots, window boxes, half barrels, hanging baskets, etc.

Use quality potting soil. Plant close together to allow the lobelia to grow into a mass.

Lobelia will grow well alongside other flowers in a container.

Caring for lobelia[edit | edit source]

Lobelia is fairly easy to care of. Water regularly, especially when the weather is hot. It has a high level of resistance to pests and disease.

Deadheading the flowers after flowering helps to encourage a new spurt of fresh flowers.

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