Lighting and education

Lighting is important to education:

  • It gives people more time to study after nightfall. See for more information on lighting, and for practical technologies to help meet this need.
  • The type of lighting is claimed in the effect that different kinds of lighting have on the learning environment. Boys and Homework, by educational consultant Ian Lillico from, recommends: "Try to ensure his room has no fluorescent lights, as these are disastrous to boys' learning. An incandescent light and preferably the low voltage 12V Quartz Halogen down lights are the best for giving atmosphere."[verification needed]
  • Suggested project: examine the effects of different lights on learning, paying particular attention to the effect of choosing sustainable lighting options (fluorescent lightW, CFL or compact fluorescent lightW and the new white LED lights).Category:Suggested projects[expand] Note that developing countries may have poor power supply, making CFL widespread choice - e.g. in Indonesia, CFL lights are found everywhere, and incandescent light bulbsW are generally unavailable.[1]

Footnotes and referencesEdit

  1. based on the experience of Chriswaterguy in Indonesia in 1995, 1996 and 1998-2000.

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