Life-sense - whereas just "sense" is a feeling that something is the case, this more holistic concept[1] is a feeling that something embodies a natural way of life. In other words, it is a feeling of a more harmonious, balanced, appropriate-/in-scale coexistence us humans have with Nature, or the natural ecosystem.

Maybe the most relevant focus of this term now would be to what extent there is "Life-sense" in how one has come to perceive their world, especially using the tool of a science (as opposed to a yogic science, for example PanchakoshaW) that is more data-oriented, modern in its alignment with the most advanced, "fittest," human-built, external technologies, and other socially-approved/political values (e.g. efficiency, research grant money, social consensus about what "Science" even is, etc.) to guide where focus and efforts are put.

  • Example 1 (basic) - On Living Energy Farm, the way of life had so much Life-sense that Alexis and Debbie had to share it to others more deficient in this sense, through this deader computer media.
  • Example 2 - I wondered if there was more Life-sense in most urban/city environments, or in Urban Dictionary.
  • Example 3 (advanced) - He could not accept that a biologist who merely studies life had any Life-sense until he encountered Death. Then it made sense (but still not Life-sense :))

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Sadhguru video "The Impact of Indian Civilization" describing Life-sense [1]
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