Demotech kitchen unit.
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Location Maastricht, The Netherlands
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Uses cooking, bathing
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This article is about the Demotech kitchen unit for slum areas (DKUfSA).

What[edit | edit source]

Demotech's compact kitchen unit offers advantages over typical American kitchen units by offering all of the usual kitchen functions within a smaller and safer package.

Demotech kitchen unit
  • A facility for washing clothes.
  • An insulated box to keep hot pans warm.
  • These kitchen and bathing facilities are small and compact, they can easily fit into a small apartment or in a one-room home.
  • Safe cooking for kids, with an fan for cooking smoke and vapors.
  • Storage for kitchen utensils, laundry and food.
  • Sink and stoves are positioned at the right height for comfortable working.

How[edit | edit source]

A kitchen-unit is made from sticks and sheet metal. It has a sink facility at table height; behind it there is a gas cooker where three pots can be heated. There is water storage for clean and used water below the sink, and a facility for laundering. Above the sink and around the smoke duct there is storage for things to be kept dry, like kitchenware and food. The kitchen unit can be rolled away, to free the cement floor for bathing.

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