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Jostaberry (R. × nidigrolaria), pronounced "Yostaberry", is a thornless shrub with edible berries. It is a complex cross between 3 Ribes species, namely R. nigrum (Blackcurrant), R. uva-crispa (European Gooseberry), and R. divaricatum (Worcesterberry/spreading gooseberry/coastal black gooseberry).


Family: Grossulariaceae

Genus: Ribes

Species: R. × nidigrolaria

Many sources state that Jostaberry is a hybrid between blackcurrant and gooseberry. As stated previously, this is not correct since 3 different species were involved. A direct cross between Blackcurrant and Gooseberry is termed Ribes × culverwellii (sometimes termed Jochelbeere). Due to confusion between this direct cross, many times the botanical name of Jostaberry is incorrectly given as Ribes × culverwellii. This hybrid was created almost 100 years before Jostaberry, which was first available to consumers in 1977. Jostaberry is correctly identified as Ribes × nidigrolaria.


Success rate of hardwood stem cuttings is quite high.[1]