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Inveneo is a non-profit social enterprise whose mission is to empower people in remote and underserved communities and the organizations who serve them through access to computing and communications. We do this by designing, integrating, deploying and supporting highly sustainable, open and relevant Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions designed specifically for organizations (NGOs, Local Governments, Private Entities) operating in rural and remote communities in the developing world.

Goals and Objectives[edit | edit source]

Inveneo's goal is to connect 265 village homes, schools and clinics this year (2006) with their NGO and organization partners. Inveneo's objective is to support organizations (NGOs, local governments, private entities) to connect over 4,0000 villages in the next 3 years. This will bring the benefit of life changing ICTs (Information and Communications Technologies) - including phones, computers and the Internet - to over 4000 communities and 4 million people in the developing world.

Questionnaire[edit | edit source]

The questionnaire below is also available in Word form (.doc) via Inveneo's site. When completed, email it to "sales - at - inveneo.org".

Basic Project Description[edit | edit source]

Please fill out the following information to help us understand your project better so that we can support your request:

Project Owner/Leader
Organization Name
Organization URL
Organization Country (Headquarters)
Contact Name
Contact Phone
Contact E-mail

Project Description[edit | edit source]

Type of Project (Education/Development/Banking/Relief/Agriculture/Etc.)
Short Project Description

Project Scope[edit | edit source]

What country will your project be in?
Do you have a funding organization identified for the project?
How many locations do you want to install systems in initially?
What are those locations? (Please name the location by town that can be located on a map if possible)
Is this a pilot for a possible larger project?
What is the approximate scope for the larger project?

ICT and Power Requirements[edit | edit source]

Which of the following services to you want to have at each location – computer, telephony, and/or access to the Internet?

  • If you want computers, how many per location?
  • If you want phones, how many per location?
  • Is there any additional equipment that you will need (printers or other items?)
In these locations, is grid power available? If so, how dependable is it?
Is one of these locations within range of cellular or standard (PSTN/ISP) Voice and Data services?

Applications[edit | edit source]

Do you have any specific applications that you would like to run on the computer systems?
Do you require Microsoft Windows based applications (Inveneo’s system is Linux/Open Source based, but in many cases Microsoft can be supported)?

Technical Support[edit | edit source]

Does your organization have local technical support?
Do you or your organization have experience in the following (this is NOT required, we are trying to get a basic understanding of level of support your organization would require)
  • Basic IT administration: Yes/No
  • Basic Computer networking: Yes/No
  • Linux Operating Systems: Yes/No
  • Asterisk IP-PBX or other similar software: Yes/No
  • Open Source Software: Yes/No
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network : Yes/No

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