Jos Lichtenberg

  • principle problem is solved, but after a year the victims are a forgotten group.
  • in the transition phase we need solutions - hence this symposium.
  • linking supply (of solutions) with demand (aid agencies etc.)

Ton Huijzer

  • we go from disaster to disaster
  • we hardly ever get a chance to think about what to do next
  • it's new for us to work with so many different kinds of partners
  • more disasters, more victims - how to react, how to be prepared, particularly for large disasters
  • pakistan earthquake
    • not enough tents, materials didn't reach, problems with quality and quantity (summer tents, not so good.)
    • logistical nightmare
    • new solutions - wood, corrugated iron
  • new approach to disaster relief
  • NL red cross support intl red cross in three areas:
  • testing cardboard box shelters in pakistan, chad
  • developing sheltering standards for worldwide use
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