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Published 2007
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  • (map of where)
  • housing for tsunamic disaster victims in Aceh (Prof. Dr. Ir. Happy Santosa MSc, Lab of Housing and Human Settlements.)
  • many areas, no access, no assessment, no support
  • developed a house for this context
  • small timber frame house with a corrugated metal roof
  • principle - special house design / tech that an ordinary person can do with little support
    • any person can build
    • can be applied for any purpose, based on simple and effective module
    • 26 sq meter house, for 4 persons, in one day using planks and nails
      • needs only a hand saw and a hammer
  • core module is a 4x5m main room with toilet, kitchen linked on rear terrace
    • can be extended up to 8x5 meter.
  • it's a monolithic main frame (looks like a big roof truss) with 35x35cm pillar foundations
  • cost about $1500 including tools
  • shelter for mud volcano disaster victims (!)
  • oil well accident swamped four villages, thousands of homes gone
  • temp housing is the priority
  • social aspects revealed as huse
  • community do not want to leave home, stress of losing their ordinary lives, safety in return in doubt
  • rehouse/relocate/resettle process
    • needs housing resources
    • living sustenance, community developemtn
    • design, requirement, price
  • (diagram of process, with extensive community involvement. looks quite sophisticated, can't reproduce in text notes.)