Indow Windows is a company based in Portland, Oregon that specializes in manufacturing interior storm window inserts.

Sam Pardue, CEO and Founder with an Indow Window insert

Material and Appearance[edit | edit source]

Inserts are hand-crafted out of high grade acrylic glazing and edged with a patented compression tube. These tubes allow the inserts to be easily popped in and out of the frame while maintaining a secure fit. The acrylic glazing comes in five different grades:

  • Standard: Great performance & value
  • Museum: Blocks 98% of UV rays
  • Commercial: Scratch resistant coating
  • Acoustic: 70% noise reduction
  • Privacy: Transmits light but blocks detail

Indow Windows edging also come in several colors, including black, white and brown. Custom Pantone colors are available for commercial jobs.

Function and Performance[edit | edit source]

Replacement-window-performance-chart (1).gif

Indow Window + single pane performance numbers are from independent testing conducted by Portland State University's Green Building Research Lab. Actual performance numbers will vary depending on the condition of the single pane window.

  • Air infiltration (lower is better): The tight seal between the Indow Windows' spring bulb and your window frame stops cold drafts in their tracks. Industry leading performance.
  • R Value (higher is better): An Indow Window combined with a single pane window provides 94% of the thermal insulation (R-value) of standard double pane replacement windows.
  • Noise Reduction: Indow Windows significantly outperform standard double pane replacement windows in noise reduction. When placed over a single pane window, Standard Indow Windows dampen noise up to 10dB, which equates to a 50% noise reduction. Acoustic Grade Indow Windows reduces noise by up to 18.9 dB when placed over a single pane window, equivalent to a 70%+ reduction. The overall sound reduction depends on sound coming through walls and doors. The reduction will not be as great when Indow Windows are placed over double pane windows.
  • Lead: Any house built before 1978 is highly likely to have toxic lead paint hidden in the walls. Indow Window installations do not disrupt walls so lead is not a worry.
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