Problem being addressed[edit | edit source]

While regular stethoscopes can pick up heartbeats, they do not record the data automatically; stethoscopes are also an extra device for doctors to carry around.

Detailed description of the solution[edit | edit source]

The iStethoscope is a mobile app able to pick up a heartbeat by using an iPhone's built-in microphone. It can record and play back eight seconds of heartbeat, and display a phonocardiograph and a spectrogram, which can then be emailed to a specialist. This allows doctors to have the capability to accurately hear a heartbeat at all times without having to carry around a stethoscope. It also would allow less trained medical workers to record their patients' heartbeats and send it to a doctor for consultation.

Designed by[edit | edit source]

  • Designed by: Peter Bentley
  • Manufacturer location: University College London

When and where it was tested/implemented[edit | edit source]

It's currently being used in UK hospitals.

References[edit | edit source]

Other internally generated reports[edit | edit source]

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Externally generated reports[edit | edit source]

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