The dream[edit | edit source]

Is there a way to make hydrogen economically? Why not make it out of sun and water? According to Jin Zhang of U.C. Santa Cruz's Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, researchers are working on making this a reality by the year 2020. Zhang "will receive $535,000 in grants from the U.S. Department of Energy for his part in two research projects aimed at developing new technologies for the production and storage of hydrogen fuel using nanostructured materials. A detailed interview with Jin Zhang is available at

The drawbacks[edit | edit source]

There are of course some drawbacks to the dream. One is that hydrogen is very hard to store once it is generated.

But today it is easy to store the H2 longlasting into liquid fuels as Methanol so one hit two birds with one stone : 1.)storing H2 in easy transportable and and much more high energy fuel 2.) forcing mass of CO2 back in the energy circle

80 kg H2 binds 1,600 kg CO2 ---- that much more better than to store it in earth and is really great !!

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