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I have been thinking about a form of local currency to alleviate poverty problems- one backed by a material good- it would be perfect in a rural setting with chickens 'the Huevo'. Naturally, one of the rules would be that it is not convertible in national currency, to avoid counterfeiting regulations. The primary exchange would be between grain producer and egg producers. It would be created by an egg producers aggregate co-operative which distributes it to egg producers at cost in national currency of paper and printing.

Then the egg producers use it to buy locally produced chicken feed- it also allows poor people to turn their fresh food wastes into a good source of protein- eggs. This would also allow restaurants to turn their food wastes into a value added item (breakfasts). The thing to remember is that no more should be distributed to the chicken farmers than they produce eggs. It would over time allow them to increase their production with grain and slop to feed their chickens. In a way, this would lead to inflation- the more eggs produced, the currency would begin to devaluate as the number of eggs goes up. Prices of everything are set by the seller (of grain, food waste), but need not be redeemed by the producer, so in this way prices would be self regulating, as people haggle for a fair price. One egg = one huevo.

Obviously, producers of fruit and such would want to make some of their produce available for huevos, as well as selling of any 'waste' to the egg producers.

Perhaps you want to help me toy around with this idea? It would work like a charm in Jamaica where many chickens are around. It might also put a value on chicken waste to the grain farmer. I really think this could work for cases of community protein deficiency. After WWII there was a terrible poverty problem in Britain. The government however guaranteed one egg and one apple per day for every child. The entire generation came out an average of 2 inches taller than the previous one. But I think by means of this local currency the same effect can be created without the need of government support by the people themselves. Additionally, the local chicken producer might elect to give some of this currency to local schools, where both the use of this currency is explained to children, and how they can turn their vegetable wastes into chicken feed. It might even be mandated by the egg co-op distributing 'the Huevo'.

Of course this would result in all kinds of jokes because of the obvious Spanish pun.