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How to collaborate - concrete suggestions for collaboration that may apply to you and your organization.

  • Maintain a focus on the mission. Move in gradual steps in deepening relationships, look for practical, achievable actions, and find the level appropriate to the relationship and the mission.
  • Use an open license for your written and creative work. If you develop software, make it open source. If you're a for-profit enterprise, explore ways that you can offer a service on top of the open licensed and open sourced work (e.g. provide support for open source products; consider the Linux for enterprises model; and the idea of using a delayed open license for written and other creative works).
  • Use open formats - make your information accessible.
  • Consider radical transparency. Share your information and knowledge. Document your practices, what is working for you in sustainability, and share them.
  • Learn what others are doing in your field. Maintain a dialog. Avoid reinventing the wheel.
    • Identify the best practice for whatever you do. Whatever you do, someone is doing it better than anyone else in the world. Find out who that is, study their methods, and implement them. Once you master the best practice, try to improve it.
  • Use the free software client+server Cmaps to connect all collaborators via bilinked concept maps. See <->[clarification needed]

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