PEB Manufacturer in Nepal
PEB Manufacturer in Nepal

Hipco Superbuild is a forward integration of Diwakar Golchha Corp (Golchha Organization) to offer complete building solutions. With us, it is not just about erecting buildings but about building a nation and eventually shaping its progress.

Hipco Superbuild is the first PEB manufacturing company in Nepal[1] to have steel structure manufacturing capabilities that cater to mid to large scale industrial projects, commercial complexes, warehouses, residential, showrooms, poultry, resorts and more.

Designed with the end-user in mind, we can customize our industry-leading PEB steel products to fit any need, be it in structural framings, primary and secondary members, roof or wall installations, expansion of existing structure or for any pre engineered structure (PES) and pre engineered building (PEB) in Nepal. Whatever the scenario, we can adapt our solution to meet your specific project needs.

Advantages of PEB[edit | edit source]

There are many advantages of Pre Engineered Buildings, which are as follows,

  • The key advantage is quality control, as all structural members are engineered ahead of time, standards from various codes are taken into account, and these components are manufactured in the factory under the supervision of a Quality Control Engineer.
  • Lower cost due to the saving in design, manufacturing and on site erection cost.
  • Due to the use of software for structural component design, construction time is reduced.
  • Low Maintenance due to the use of standard quality paints over steel members, which increases the ability to endure and, as a result, lowers the maintenance costs when compared to traditional steel buildings.
  • Because all of the members are pre-manufactured and skilled labor is required to join the various components, the erection is quick.
  • Warranty on PEB, mostly warranty period of 20 years given by manufactures for PEB.

Disadvantages of PEB[edit | edit source]

  • Corrosion / Rusting Sensitive, because if the steel utilized or the paint used to coat steel members is of poor quality, the structure might be damaged, reducing the structure's life.
  • Insulation Expenses, as insulating the structure to an acceptable standard will increase your construction costs even further.
  • Appearance, Steel Sections can be unattractive when left exposed.
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