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Heat-free liquefaction of agrobiomass

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Cellulose Agrobiomass Waste Conversion To Billion Dollar Products- Prototyped & Patented.

Patented Technology: Non Pyrolysis Liquefaction Of Agro-Biomass Wastes for Petro-plastic Waste cleaning, recycling , Production of Oil Spill Cleaning Agents & Agrochemical Products.

Agro- biomass wastes were chemically treated to liquefaction without any heat application to produce valuable industrial products with a potential market value of more than US$20billion.

Working tested prototypes are available.

The project currently seeks equity investment for commercialization.

Process in Brief:

The liquefied biomass was further processed with oxidants mixed with a bio-defoamer to produce a lighter aqueous liquid which serves as the polymerization initiator for all plant derived unsaturated fatty acids like soy oil, groundnut oil, palm oil e.t.c. Unlike olefin metathesis which were based on the process of combining two olefins that rearrange themselves around their double bonds to create two new olefins e.g. metahesis is used to make propylene from ethylene and butylenes(

Our process for biopolymer resin production is based on reacting our in-house developed initiator from biomass wastes with any triglyceride which has double bonds in their molecule, either as a single molecule or as mixed molecules to produce a gelly white resin via emulsion polymerization reaction which hardens up with time on to wax-like resin .

The process is sure set to clean-up the menace of non-biodegradable fossil-plastic wastes in the environment by using a low energy process of co- melting the novel resin with all thermoplastics either virgin or wastes with a view to converting waste petro-thermoplastics to a closed-loop recyclable materials and usefully too. This process is already patented in Nigeria, West Africa, the origin of Invention by Berekotry Detergent Ltd.



PROMOTER: Taslim Owonikoko

He was just recently recognized by General Electric USA Ecomagination Challenge as one of the Global Top 100 in New Energy inventions and innovations, and also he was a finalist at the United Nation’s Science with Africa Competition in Addis Ababa , Ethiopia 2010. With 5- very young scientific invention patents to his credit presently, a blog mentioning of his profile as a top world class Genius can be found at problem-fetched-me-an-00037.html