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One of the most incorrectly made recipes!!! I can count twenty bad gumbos that I have had in restaurants and individuals homes. This is one recipe that might not be heart-healthy, it might take awhile, but it is truly cajun heaven on earth.

The first step is to make a rouix. Take equal parts of white flour and lard, heated very slowly, stirred often, until the color changes to a hazelnut brown color. Some people like darker rouix, some lighter. The longer it cooks, the less 'thickening' power it has, but the more flavor. Will take at least half an hour, perhaps as much as a full hour for dark rouix. Let cool and then pour off any excess fat.

Meanwhile, brown off a half-pound of bacon, make BLT sandwiches for lunch, save the grease. Add an onion, diced; three or four ribs of celerey, diced; a green bell pepper, diced; half a red bell pepper, diced; a pound of okra, sliced thin, and saute until onions are transucent. Optionally add a small can of petite diced tomatoes. Add a couple bay leaves, and half a teaspoon of thyme. Add a few tablespoons of creole seasoning, and three or four cans of chicken broth. Simmer for the rest of the afternoon, at least three or four hours, until the vegetables completely fall apart.

About an hour before dinner, add diced chicken breast and sliced andoue sausage and the other half of the red bell pepper, diced. Make a pot of rice, and simmer the gumbo while the rice is cooking. Thicken with the rouix, and dump in a pound of shelled, de-veigned shrimp, if you like, just before serving. It will only take two minutes to cook.

Serve over rice. YUM!!!

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