Used teabags can make an excellent medium for growing seeds in. The fact that they have had boiling water poured over them makes them sterile, and the contents of leaves provides both a resting bed and food for the seedling to grow on. Once the seedling has grown, each seedling and its teabag can be planted straight into the ground.

Making teabag seedling growing trays[edit | edit source]

For this project, you'll need enough used teabags to cover a seedling tray of your choice.

  1. Resoak the used teabags in cold water.
  2. Line the seedling tray with a half-folded paper towel (you may need more than one depending on the tray size). Use recycled paper towel. Mist it lightly with a water mister.
  3. Arrange the soaked, used teabags in three rows on top of the paper towel. Leave gaps between them so that you can keep the towel moist.
  4. Slit a small hole into each teabag arranged across the tray. Pop a seed or two into each hole made.
  5. Keep the paper towel and teabags moist. Keep the seedling tray in a warm place, to encourage the seeds to germinate. The paper towel keeps the teabags wet, so keep it moist.
  6. Plant the seedlings straight into the ground when big enough. The tea leaves and paper will rot away into the soil and the seedling will take root and grow as intended.

Sources and citations[edit | edit source]

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