Radishes (Raphanus sativus) are a simple vegetable to grow and are ready to eat quickly after planting. They're ideal for growing in a container, either for ease of access/space preferences or to give the seedlings a head start while the weather is still cool.

Growing in a container[edit | edit source]

Select a suitable container. A wide container works well for radishes, allowing you to add many seeds. It doesn't have to be too deep but ensure it's sufficient for root development.

Place suitable potting soil into the container. Plant the seeds into the mix. The shoots will appear quickly, so keep moist.

Add fertiliser. Ensure that the fertiliser does not have too much nitrogen in it, as this will promote leaf growth over the root.

Harvesting the radishes[edit | edit source]

Harvest within a few weeks of planting in the container. Add new seeds after each harvest, to ensure a year-round crop. If growing in colder months, keep in a warm place, or indoors.

Radishes can also be grown as microgreens.

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