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Please keep this updated with your supply leads and advice. Know a great store, website, free bin or other, let us know. Feel free to add to the lists even if you are missing some of the information. If you have additional information about one of these stores please add it as well.

Free Stuff[edit | edit source]

Some possible sources for free stuff in your community.

USA[edit | edit source]

  • Many communities have free bins
  • Many communities have material exchange boards online
  • Construction sites
    • Make sure to ask permission

External links[edit | edit source]

American Science and Surplus
All types of crazy and useful hardware for pretty good prices. (Interestingly still using line art drawings, instead of photos, for items.)
Harbor Freight
Classic hardware site, unfortunately many products are cheaply made with dubious labor environments. Wanna be tempted - click "What's Hot".
Real Goods
Real pricey ...but real cool.
Abe Books
Great spot for used technical and school books. I bought a linear algebra book here for $7, used it for the semester, and sold it back for $55. I bought an appropriate technology book for 80% off its cover price. I bought...ad nauseam. If you want to find by ISBN, use advanced tab.
"AUREKA is a metal workshop unit of the Auroville international township, located a few miles north of Pondicherry in south-east India. Particular emphasis is placed on the manufacture of equipment supportive of sustainability - such as windpumps, shredder and compressed earth block presses (for building) etc, though a wide variety of other work is also undertaken."
Equipment Leasing
Crest Capital, a leasing and financing outfit based in Atlanta, helps small businesses in their efforts to acquire equipment that employs newer, greener and more efficient technologies. Industries serviced include construction, agriculture and health.

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