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Overview[edit | edit source]

Piez Descalzos is a charity foundation established by pop-singer Shakira Mebarak following her studio debut album of the same title. Mission Statement: "The Barefoot Foundation work to ensure that every Colombian child can exercise their right to a quality education. Our model targets displaced and vulnerable communities by addressing their unique needs." The foundation constructed an infrastructure of quality primary education with new technologies, training administrators and teacher's with new methodologies, providing health care, and meals to insure the success of the youth. Educational facilities serve as community centers for students, their parents, and members of the community to further develop and rebuild their communities through extra-curricular activities.

Schools[edit | edit source]

The Educational Institution Gabriel Garciá Márquez is located in Altos de Cazuca a municipality of Soacha, in the department of Cundinamarca, central Colombia. The school serves 1,340 children, 814 young people, and their families. Located in the neighborhood of Villa Mercedes. The facility has six classrooms, a dining room and a computer room. An additional seat built in the Minuto de Diós School has 5 classrooms, a playroom, a music room and a computer room. The site staffs 36 teachers, 2 coordinators and the licensed Rector is Elvia María Rodríguez Ibáñez. Three classes of students have graduated thus far.

Northwest of the Carribbean coastal city Barranquilla resides the Educational Institution Las Américas. Institution serves 680 children, youths, and members of the community. The school has 8 classrooms, a library, a games room and a computer room. 16 teachers staffed, 2 administrative assistants, and Rector Pablo Sierra. Four classes have graduated.
 Educational Institution Fundación Pies Descalzos – Corregimiento La Playal opened in 2009 in it's located in the village of Eduardo Santos - La Playa. Inhabitants were displaced from neighboring areas of the Atlantic, such as, Magdalena, Sucre, and Bolivar. Serves 1,469 children, youth, and families community members.
Facility has a theater, an auditorium, a library, a games room, 4 computer labs, and 48 classrooms, and dance classrooms. Rector is Néstor Martínez with 54 teachers staffed. Two classes of students have graduated.
 The Colombian Pacific region,Quibdo is the capital city of Chocó Department that homes a predominant citzentry of Afro-Colombians and the Educational Institution Maria Berchmans Pies Descalzos. The school was built due to the high poverty of the municipality and the Bojaya tragedy. The tragedy took place May 2nd, 2002 resulted with the death of 119 civilians, 40 of which were children. The armed conflict between left wing guerillas and right wing paramilitaries groups displaced residents. Work began on the school in 2004, now aids 1,225 children, youth and people in the sector. The facility has seventeen classrooms, a computer room, a games room, an administrative area and a dining room where 715 children. School employs 24 local teachers working under the supervision of Professor Benigno Sánchez and Rector Ricardo Emiro Ledesma Copete. Four classes of students have graduated.

11 neighborhoods anticipate the sixth Pies Descalzos School in the city of Cartagena, in the Caribbean Coast of Colombia, in the zone of Lomas del Peye. Colombian architect Giancarlo Mazzanti is designing the new school. The concepts of sustainability and bioclimatic design are to ensure the the future of the school.

How to Help[edit | edit source]

Godparent Program



Sources[edit | edit source]

Fundación Pies Descalzos


Bojaya Massacre

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