Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma (FAST) is a limited ultrasound examination used for identifying the presence of free intraperitoneal or pericardial fluid.

Comparison of Options for Assessment[edit | edit source]

Time Rapid/Intermediate Rapid Rapid
Transport/Transfer Not Required

Can be Conducted in an Operating Theatre

Not Required Transfer Required
Sensitivity High High? - Operator Dependent High
Specificity Low Intermediate High
Eligibility All Patients if Suspected Injury and No Radiology Available


  • Pregnant Women
  • Previous Abdominal Surgery
All Patients Haemodynamically Stable - Takes Time

In patients with traumatic injury, free fluid is usually due to haemorrhage and contributes to the assessment of the circulation


DPL: Diagnostic Peritoneal lavage,

FAST: Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma

CT Scan: Computerised Tomogram Scan.

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