FlashMirrors - Free File Upload to Multiple File Hosts Service[edit | edit source]

FlashMirrors is a service that allows to upload files to many file hosts simultaneously. Free file upload service allows to share and upload to multiple file hosting sites files with size up to 2GB.

Where it can be used?[edit | edit source]

Service is really useful and easy in use. So it can be used in:

What is the pluses of using upload to multiple service?[edit | edit source]

  1. Files uploads to many file hosts. So even if one or few hosts will delete file, it still be online in other.
  2. Service is 100% free.
  3. Can be uploaded files with size up to 2GB (2048MB).
  4. FlashMirrors uploads files to multiple file hosts simultaneously. So it saves time in uploads by hand.
  5. Service saves bandwidth. Only need to upload file once in order to get it uploaded for example to 30 file hosts.
  6. FlashMirrors provide optional feature which sends an e-mail with the link to the download page. E-mail notification is useful when uploading a large file.
  7. Optional feature allow to write description to file that will be uploaded.
  8. Don't require registration. So don't need to waste time for registering to use service.

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