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Falling whistles is a non-profit organization that is working towards peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The organization was created by John Carasso. In 2007 the then 26 year old was backpacking through Africa. At the end of his trip Carasso and his friend were traveling in The Democratic Republic of Congo. The two ended up at a military camp where they came into contact with children who were used as soldiers. These boys were being beaten and treated as "war criminals"[1]. Trying to help these children Carasso and his companion stayed for a few hours to find out what exactly the role that these boys played in this war. They are used as a sort of shield in front of the soldiers. "young children too small to carry weapons are sent ahead of troops to the front lines to make a racket and draw enemy fire. They're armed with only whistles." [2] Carasso decided to spread these stories by emailing his friends directly after speaking with these children and asking them to email everyone they know in an attempt to get these stories heard. Carrasso has made this happen through Falling Whistles

What Falling Whistles does[edit | edit source]

Falling Whistles sells whistles for purchase where one hundred percent of the proceeds goes to helping these children. The organization works with Congolese leaders to rehabilitate these children and promote peace. Falling Whistles slogan is, "You can be a whistleblower for peace." [3] So far the organization has worked with eight Congolese leaders, and "built a coalition of 35 Congressmen, 16 Senators, 200 retailers and over 55,000 whistleblowers" [4]. This collaboration has helped with many things including:

.giving two hundred and sixty children in Rutshuru District of North Kivu orthopedic surgeries

.aiding in production and distribution of 330,000 malaria treatments

.giving rape victims justice through trials

.rehabilitation of four hundred children living on the street and child soldiers in Goma and the Masisi District of North Kivu

.creating a Peace Market in Mumosho village in South Kivu that consists of 159 different vendors

.a haircare training school that is for female stylists in South Kivu

.the creation of an election monitoring system that allows real-time reports from citizen-journalists

.a festival that brings together the countries of Rwanda, Congo, and Burundi in an effort towards reconciliation and peace [5]

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