Espians is a company "building the foundations for the post-industrial future."

Christina Rebel of Espians Describing Wikifactory

WikiHouse[edit | edit source]

WikiHouse is an open source construction set that enables anyone to design, download, print and assemble a house. Founded in collaboration with Architecture 00, the WikiHouse project now has more than 10 chapters in cities around the world and a TED talk with over a million views.

WikiFactory[edit | edit source]

We are developing WikiFactory to enable design and hardware projects to collaborate as effectively as open source software projects. The in-browser, open source platform will feature a library of 3D designs and an easy-to-use design tool so that anyone can create, share and modify designs for digital fabrication.

Ampify[edit | edit source]

Set to launch in early 2015, Ampify is an open source, decentralised application platform. It will provide a web-application framework to create social apps on top of a secure, decentralised core.

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