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Founded 2004
Founders Stef van Dongen
Area served Worldwide
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Authors Joe Raftery
Published 2010
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Enviu is an organisation based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

It partners with Dutch universities to identify ideas with potential and with other organizations who can use those ideas. It has one of the most professional looking websites of any sustainablilty organizations and it seems to be involved in a lot of interesting looking projects however the website does not include the technical details needed to duplicate these projects.

Wow! projects[edit | edit source]

  • The Sustainable Dance Club is changing the future of clubbing. Combining a creative approach with innovative technologies, SDC is enabling clubs and festivals all over the world to become more sustainable and inventive
  • Open Source House a design competition to design a sustainable family house to be built in Ghana.
  • Hybrid Tuk-tuk - Students of seven different technical universities in The Netherlands and India are working to design the most efficient, easy to implement and afforable upgrade kit for existing auto rickshaws.

Knowledge database[edit | edit source]

Enviu has a library of theses and reports which can be borrowed.

Other Information[edit | edit source]

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