Materials and Tools[edit | edit source]

Necessary equipment for final mechanical build
Description Count
Fully assembled Ender frame 1
Fully assembled X-axis motor 1
20x20 beam with 4 pre-drilled holes 1
Spool holder (plastic tube) 1
Sheet metal bracket 1
End caps 2
Blue plastic connector (teflon connector to the extruder motor) 1
M5x25 screws 4
M5 t-nut 2
M5x8 screws 2
4mm allen wrench (the biggest allen wrench included in the kit)
3mm allen wrench

Note[edit | edit source]

Steps 4-6 are just for the spool holder. If you do not want a spool holder (which is very, very recommended to have with any 3D printer) or already have one, you can skip those steps.

Procedure[edit | edit source]

  1. Putting on the X-axis motor to the Ender 3 frame
    Take the X-axis motor with the QR code facing you, and place it on top of the Ender 3 frame. The QR code motor should be attached to the beam with the Z-axis motor and the mounting brace should be on the power supply beam.
  2. Placing the X-axis motor through the Z-axis threaded rod
    Line up the gold thread on the X-axis motor with the Z-axis threaded rod. Then press down on the X-axis motor while spinning the Z-axis motor coupling, not the Z-axis threaded rod because that is greased, counter-clockwise. Once the golden thread grasps it, stop pushing down on the X-axis motor. Continue spinning the motor coupling until the top of the beams are cleared of the rollers.
  3. Attach the teflon tube to the brass nut sticking out of the extruder motor with the blue plastic connector
    Connect the teflon tube from the extruder head to the extruder motor brass nut. Once connected, put the blue plastic connector onto it.
  4. Attaching the plastic tube, plastic nut, and the sheet metalbracket together
    Take the plastic tube and put the short end through the sheet metal bracket hole. Then, attach the plastic nut to the plastic tube through the sheet metal.
  5. Attaching M5x8 screws and M5 t-nut to the sheet metal bracket
    Place the two M5x8 screws through the bottom of the sheet metal bracket, and then loosely attach the one M5 t-nut to the bottom of each screws
  6. Attaching the sheet metal bracket to the 20x20 beam with 4 pre-drilled holes
    Attach the sheet metal bracket to the 20x20 beam with 4 pre-drilled holes. Attach it to the side with wider holes on top.
  7. Attach the 20x20 to the top of the frame using the four M5x25 screws. It does not matter the orientation, but it may make more sense if you have the plastic tube facing the back of the printer.
  8. Put on the end caps to the 20x20 beam
    Attach the two end caps to both ends of the 20x20 with four pre-drilled holes.
  9. Change the 230V to the 115V for the power supply
    Look behind the power supply, and change the 230V to 115V.

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