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This handout provide a conceptual framework for integrating technology with youth advocacy efforts to affect social change and provides the social determinants of health, in particularly in; Recruiting people to join the cause, organization organizing collective action, raising awareness and shaping attitudes, raising funds to support the cause, and communicating with decision makers. Making strategic decisions to combine technology and youth advocacy will give youth a voice, arm them with advocacy skills, and increase their self-efficacy. These youth may become adults who are involved in larger policy-based decisions that will address the social determinants of health that affect the health status of people in their communities and throughout the world. Introduction Social determinants, including financial, social, and ecological conditions, are the main issue or weakness and related imbalances between and among different racial, ethnic, or other statistic gatherings, and nations. To successfully enhance wellbeing status, we should alter or change social determinants. To do as such will require a change of approaches, tenets, directions, and enactment among different segments, including, however not constrained to general wellbeing, business, industry, and medication. The change needed to affect social determinants is not the responsibility alone of policy makers and institutions. A shift in people's beliefs and how they think about issues, and subsequent individual advocacy efforts can support social change. History demonstrates that general wellbeing backing works. The best progressions in enhancing general wellbeing in the 20th century are the aftereffect of progress in arrangement or direction. For instance, water fluoridation has resulted in significant reductions in tooth decay and dental caries among both children and adults for a community to fluoridate water requires change to laws and policy. Reductions in deaths due to motor-vehicle crashes are attributable to new regulations and standards for motor vehicles and road design as well as enactment and enforcement of laws that require drivers and passengers to wear safety belts. The recognition that tobacco use is detrimental to a person's health was the basis for development and implementation several public health interventions that would limit a person's exposure to tobacco.(Thackeray & Hunter, 2010).

The Uses of Technology Today

• Use of Technology in Business Today businesses can save money by using technology to perform numerous tasks. When you compare the amount of money spent on hiring an individual to perform a certain task and the training necessary to be able to perform that function consistently, it is costly. When it comes to technology, a small business can scale out and consistently deliver more at high quality with less human resources, often equating less cost. Businesses need to use technology to speed up their services and cut down on costs. Though technology can’t do certain things, it increases efficiency and reduces cost. • Use of Technology in Communication Before communication was limited to letter writing and waiting for those postal services to deliver your message. But today's generation technology has made the field of communication easy. Now you can draft a business message and email it or fax it in an instant.

• Use of Technology in Education Today, technology has made a very big change in the education world, with the invention of technology gadgets and mobile apps it is easier than ever for students to learn. Nowadays you can access a full library of educational material via a mobile app or website on any smartphone or iPad. Before inventing this technology, students had to go to physical libraries to get the information they need. • Use of Technology in Banking The use of technology in banking is the backbone of society today. Most banks now offer online banking facilities. Millions make use of this service daily to manage their finances. Most businesses also use this feature to pay employees and transfer money. Many individuals and companies are reliant on this option to function. Additionally, security has significantly benefited as these banking systems do their best to ensure there are firewalls and limits in place to reject any curious hacker. • Use of Technology in Transportation Transportation is one of the basic areas of technological activity. Both businesses and individuals have benefited from the new technologies in the travel industry. Time is money, so we must have a fast and efficient mode of transport. Transportation is the food, clothing, and shelter of society and It assists with the essential transfer of necessary services and goods for all industries, some of which is required for a populations existence. According to Ramey (2012) Technology has played a big role in many other fields. Andthis technology will keep on changing based on the demands of people and the market. So it’s your role to keep your self-up-to-date with trending technology.

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