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Embrace Infant Warmer

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This Global Health Medical Device is designed for or implemented within resource-limited settings - Browse the devices - Add a device

Health Topic Child mortality
Classification Treatment
Scope Clinical trial
Location Africa, Asia, South America

Problem being addressed[edit]

Twenty million babies are born prematurely every year; the majority in resource-limited settings where access to advanced medicine is difficult. Many premature babies have difficulty regulating their own body temperature so hypothermia a serious problem. Incubators used in advanced healthcare nations, however, are too expensive to be applicable to resource-limited settings.

Detailed description of the solution[edit]

The Embrace Infant Warmer works by combining a hypoallergenic sleeping bag with a compartment that holds a pouch of wax. The pouch of wax is first heated to 37 degrees Celsius and then inserted into the sleeping bag with the baby. The bag will stay between 36 and 37 degrees Celsius for up to 4 hours. The warming bag is made of a phase-change material that prevents the baby from getting too warm or too cold.

Designed by[edit]

  • Designed by: a non-profit organization called Embrace. It originated from a course at Stanford University. Embrace's website found here.
  • Manufacturing: San Francisco, California, USA

When and where it was tested/implemented[edit]

The device was launched in India in 2010 and is currently in its clinical trial phase in India.

Funding Source[edit]

There is a combination of funding from university, private and NGO sources. Embrace, as a non-profit organization, is also partnering with GE Health.


Internally generated reports[edit]

Downloadable press kit with fact sheets and photos available here.

Externally generated reports[edit]

Chen, J. (n.d.). A warm embrace that saves lives. TED Talks. Link to TED talk available here.

Dooley, S. (2010). Embrace Infant Warmer Could Save Thousands. ABC. Link available here.

Sidner, S. (2011). Saving babies in India. CNN. Link to video available here.

IP and copyright[edit]

Pub. No.: WO/2009/139877 International Application No.: PCT/US2009/002977 Publication Date: 19.11.2009 International Filing Date: 12.05.2009 Chapter 2 Demand Filed: 11.12.20