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Electrical vehicle 1930-1990

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The decline of electric cars began from around 1910 . The much greater range and the offer of cheap oil for gasoline fuels were other factors in the decline in demand for smooth-running electric transport with their " highly sensitive Batteries " . Also, beginning of petrol was was the starter instead of cranking much more convenient . Gasoline was . By the influence of Standard Oil of main fuel in the United States and in all influenced by the Standard Oil countries Concomitantly put even the automobile manufacturer Henry Ford built his 1908-1927 Ford Model T, which was originally developed for " ethanol " on gasoline by .

The decades of stagnation in the development of electric mobility can not be explained in scientific and technological point of view . This position represents , among other things , the Dutch art historian , literary scholar and engineer Gijs Mom . He pointed out that especially cultural factors prevented the spread of electric-powered cars. In the 19th century it was known that the strengths of battery electric vehicles transport lie , where they are even superior to the internal combustion engine vehicles , such as a technical journal in 1958 made clear . It was concluded by clarifying the advantages of electric propulsion , " that should interest all sectors of the economy in the interests of economy in order to use electric vehicles wherever appropriate operating conditions are met . " But even the oil crises of the 1970s were the rethinking to electric drive not trip. A Milk float .

A niche in which motor vehicles with electric motor stopped , was the transport of small vans , as for the daily delivery of milk bottles in the UK and parts of the United States , the milk floats . Especially in Britain were tens of thousands of these cars into service . The leading manufacturers of milk floats in Britain in the 20th century were Smith's , Wales & Edwards , Morrison Electric Cars, M & M Electric Vehicles , Osborne, Harbilt , Brush , Bedford and Leyland . With the decline in home deliveries only Bluebird Automotive, Smith Electric Vehicles and Electric Limited remained. Smith Electric Vehicles is the largest producer of Shipping and trucks with electric drive.

In a few tourist areas ( for example, in Switzerland Zermatt since 1931) dominate electric cars temporarily to all traffic .

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